Matt Kantor

the.matt.kantor [at]
650 488 7405

Who I Am

I'm Matt Kantor, a software engineer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work for Kabam.

I'm interested in most things IT, especially anything that has an impact on communication, society at large, or the ways we think and live. I'm also into physics and astronomy, music, sociology, philosophy, and just about anything that might help me make sense of this crazy and beautiful world. Designing things and solving problems are ways of channeling my creative energy to shape a better future.

I like fixing things; I enjoy the outdoors; I think that most people take themselves way too seriously. I derive a profound sense of spiritual fulfillment—though I'm not a religious man—from exploring the whys and whats of this world.

What I Do

Most of my professional career has involved building software of one kind or another. I'm good at full-stack development, scalability, distributed systems, maintainable code, usability & accessibility, open standards, and devops. I try to use open source software and follow open standards whenever practical.

I design modular systems with minimal yet flexible APIs. For web services, I believe in building atop HTTP instead of kludging my way around it: I create RESTful systems that are truly part of the web in both spirit and practice.

I like working with distributed systems and, more generally, concurrency of all shapes and sizes. In my opinion, async I/O is the only way to do I/O.

It's very fulfilling to learn new programming languages. Even if I don't end up using the language in my daily work, the ability to consider problems from these different perspectives is invaluable.